Tree Frog Digital Limited

Making the Internet Work Harder for your Business

We are not just Search Engine Experts, we are on a mission to make the internet a more profitable place to do business.

Who Are Tree Frog Digital
Tree Frog Digital was born five years ago after founder Chris Grice had spent almost 15 years in the web design and digital marketing industry working on all types of projects, from microsites for startups to huge digital campaigns for large multinational brands.
One thing that was clear was that when a large brand ordered a campaign (even a small one), they would want details on who it was going to and what revenue that it would bring. However SME’s who spend a far bigger proportion of their turnover on marketing seem to ‘take a punt’ and see what happens.
And so… Chris set out to bring that same analytical approach to Search Engine Optimisation to SME’s and help them make more leads, more conversions and MORE MONEY.

What Do We Do?
Organic SEO
We are experts in Organic Search Optimisation, covering all aspects of modern, squeaky clean SEO campaigns. From on-site campaigns that make sure Google can read your website easily, giving it a super fast load time and technically excellent code and user experience, to Mobile Website Optimisation all the way through to making sure Google can see that you are a genuine market leader in your field.

If like most people you don’t know what needs doing (just that your competitor has knocked you off the top spot, or you are nowhere to be found) don’t worry we always start by researching your business, your website and your competitors to get a really clear understanding of where we need to go to get you in the top spot.

Google Adwords Partner
We are a Google Blue Badge Partner agency, this means that we really know our onions when it comes to paid Google campaigns. We not only have to pass two exams per year, but we are also continually monitored by Google and have to not only meet their expert standards but also knock it out of the park. Transparency is something we really pride ourselves on so you can see our quality scores here [;idtf=3157510727]
What this means for you as a business is that we know how to set up super targeted campaigns. That means converting leads in as small a number of clicks possible… we can even lever on your competitors marketing efforts to your benefit !!

On top of this we can offer you great partner only deals and get industry information directly from Google if your campaign is a little different to the norm.

How can we help your business?

We strongly believe in being a strategic PARTNER. So here are some great chamber benefits that you get get for free from us to help your business grow.
Marketing Club
We run free masterclasses every month at our offices. Don’t worry we have a no sales pitch guarantee. But you will come away with some great tips not just about SEO and AdWords but about most aspects of digital marketing and measuring online success.
The great thing is that as a chamber member this is FREE!! (normally £10.00). Not only is this a great way to get to know us but a great networking opportunity as well.

Free Marketing Consultancy
Because we believe in knowing a person’s business before recommend anything, we are happy to offer all chamber members free digital marketing consultancy of up to 5 hours (depending on the size of the business) which is more than enough time for us to understand where you want to go as a business, and what is stopping you from getting there online. As with all of our offers there is no obligation and you will have a free marketing report and SEO / website health check as well as some actions that you can do yourself on your website.

Make sure that you come and say hello at the next networking event… Chris can normally be found by the coffee machine.