Umbrella Marketing Team


Umbrella Marketing Team offer a fresh approach to outsourced marketing and digital solutions to startup businesses right through to multinational corporations. They differentiate themselves from the traditional marketing agencies by promoting a collaborative work ethic and investing in long-term relationships with clients over costly, one off project style completion.

Their innovative and unique business model believes in combining graduate talent with experienced marketers so that they are able to offer their clients creative, but professional, marketing solutions.

The Chester based team comprise of a mixture of digital and traditional marketing specialists, so that companies can have their own ‘backoffice’ marketing department minus the expenditure and the recruitment challenges.

The company are also members of the 5% Club, a government initiative that encourages workforces to increase their number of apprentices and graduates an ethos already

fostered by Umbrella. In addition, the company have recently welcomed news that they are now registered suppliers on the Government’s GCloud framework.

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About Umbrella Marketing Team


Most start-up and small business owners are already juggling product sales, employees and company finances amongst a range of other things. Adding marketing planning and execution to the list can be problematic and potentially counterproductive to your brand. Larger businesses still have many priorities to juggle but, most likely, have a larger team. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have all the experience, skills and abilities you need in that team.

We can become your team, providing a full suite of marketing services. Or, we can become an extension of your team and fill in crucial skills gaps in your organisation. Whatever you need us for, you’ll be rewarding your organisation with an effective marketing solution that delivers real results.


Marketing Managers often have the ideas but lack the resources inhouse to move certain projects forward such as webdesign, rebranding and video, meaning that a range of freelancers and agencies are called in. This creates even more time pressure as project managing multiple individuals and agencies becomes a fulltime job in itself!

With Umbrella Marketing TEAM, you can take on a team’s worth of experience, know how and initiative at the price of a single salary (or less!). We’ll even manage your freelancers and agencies for you, making sure that, no matter what, you’re getting the best results for your business.

Think of us as an extension of your team: your objectives meet our expertise and together, we’ll get results.


Recruiting new staff can raise concerns over their skills, suitability and adaptability to company culture. There’s also the costs of recruitment, onboarding, training and development and the ongoing costs associated with salaries, the list goes on!

Using the Umbrella Marketing TEAM as your resource helps you avoid the hassle and costs of recruiting new staff by using an established, go to team of skilled professionals. Not only do you get a resource that helps you save money, but instead of limiting your business to a single employee, you’ll find support from a team of five (at the cost of one!).

For those companies located in areas that traditionally have a higher cost of living, you can stop subsidising people’s costs of living: no more ‘London weighting,’ instead you can pay a North West salary.




Our team is made up of seasoned marketers and fresh graduates and apprentices giving you a mix of experience and enthusiasm.


We form long term and lasting relationships with you. We’re not just a supplier: we’re your back-office team.


Measured performance on your terms: we’ll work with you to establish your aims and we’ll provide the results you want.


We do more than just do! We solve your marketing problems, helping your business

grow as you want it to.


As a team, we’ve got experience across a range of sectors and from businesses of

all sizes. Whatever your business, it’s our business too.


We pride ourselves in investing in the next generation, an attitude that has gained us membership of the exclusive 5% Club.