Why your business should be on Instagram and the power of the #hashtag

Posted 17 October 2017 | 0 Comments

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People remember 80% of what they visually see, 20% of what they read and 10% of what they hear. This figure is what makes the social media platform Instagram critical in any social media marketing campaign. Majority of users follow their favourite brands on Instagram and this is an essential way to advertise your product to a mass audience. Currently the site is the fastest growing social media platform and it’s hard to see why a brand wouldn’t want to advertise on Instagram.

Instagram is an easy way to target a more youthful audience with 95% percent of users under the age of 35. This allows companies to target millennial, which could lead to brand loyalty in many years to come. For example, popular shoe brand ‘Nike’ has 74.1 million followers which many will have brand loyalty to Nike. They upload photos of shoes which will be released soon or have just been released this is critical as it makes the audience excited and allows them to have a visual representation of the shoe. They use many techniques such as consistent filters, correct lighting and professional angles, which can make the product more memorable.

Social media is a two-way conversation and engagement of Instagram users is higher than any other social media platform. It’s an easy way to see feedback from customers whether it’s positive or negative. This allows the brand to keep a consistent and intimate relationship, which could lead to an increase in brand loyalty, lead to first time sales and help maintain customer retention.

The use of hashtagging can allow companies to target specific audiences and specific trends of the certain time. A hashtag can make your post more visible to a wider audience or it has the power to make the post more exclusive and more specifically targeted to a certain audience. A hashtag can make engagement higher and also make a company look more relaxed and less informal. The rise of the hashtag is being used to advertise slogans of companies, for example Coca-Cola uses #TasteTheFeeling which advertises their slogan and makes them memorable.

BamBoo Smart Growths top tips for Instagram;

  • Use Consistent filters. Being consistent avoids confusion for the end user.
  • Using multiple hashtags.
  • Uploading posts at peak times. For example, the peak times are Mondays and Thursday at 20:00 PM GMT
  • Using location tag to increase engagement
  • Consistently post between 3-5 times per week to reach the audience

Ultimately Instagram is a rising and critical social media platform, which can improve your brand. From restaurants to shoes it’ll help attract users, as they will remember what they see. A small or large company can shine on Instagram as you can attract specific target audiences. Take the first steps for a successful social media campaign

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Lenny Davies
BamBoo Smart Growth