Dual Textile Exhibition opens at Chester Cathedral

Posted 10 June 2019 | 0 Comments

Two stunning textile exhibitions have opened to the public this week as Chester Cathedral continues its extraordinary year of special events ‘waves’.

The Dual Textile Exhibition featuring both ‘River of Life’ by textile artist Jacqui Frost and ‘On The Edge Of’ by Textile 21, and opens on Tuesday 4 June.
The River of Life by Jacqui Frost comes from her ‘threads through life and faith’ series, which was commissioned by the Deo Gloria Trust, and follows an earlier exhibition in the cathedral. Meanwhile, On The Edge Of’ has been created by local artist group, Textile 21, and gives each person in the group a chance to explore what the broad subject of ‘The Sea’ means to them.

On The Edge Of covers such diverse aspects as species on the verge of extinction, refugees coming by the sea to the UK, the chemical footprint left by humanity for future archaeologists, flotsam and jetsom washed up on the tideline and other concerns related to the sea.

Dean of Chester, Dr Tim Stratford says of the exhibition
“I’m over-joyed to welcome these two exhibitions into the cathedral, especially as part of ‘Waves’ – our year of water brimming with exciting and thought provoking events. Chester Cathedral has a sculpture called The Water of Life in the heart of its Cloisters and has recently witnessed David Mach’s third return to the cathedral with Two Twisted.

We are learning to love and respect our seas and oceans – and indeed our planet. We are thinking about how we use water, how important water is to us, to life – and what we can do to make changes. We are hoping to make some waves!”