Certificate of Origin Online with E-Z Cert

E-Z Cert is a service provided by the British Chambers of Commerce in partnership i2i which enables UK exporters to apply for a Certificate of Origin online.

The online software incorporates the regulations and statutory requirements for export documentation of UK governing bodies for each of the certificates produced, ensuring that documents are certified as quickly as possible to support the movement of goods.

The service aims to significantly speed-up the process of applying for export documentation, which is mandatory for all exporting companies. Key benefits of the service include a secure online database that enables information and certificates to be stored and modified for future use, as well as a facility for an export invoice to be produced to accompany the electronic certificate of origin application without additional work.

You can find out more by visiting the E-Z Cert website here (external link) and check on service status updates by following them on Twitter here (external link).

Knowledge Base

Got an E-Z Cert question? i2i have produced a thorough Knowledge Base to cover a wide variety of questions that arise when using the service, from what evidence you need when applying for an EUR1 to why are applications rejected.

Click here to access the i2i Knowledge Base (external link).