Local school learns about importance of conservation

Posted 21 May 2019 | 0 Comments

Young Chamber Sponsors, Chester Zoo, recently gave a talk to Archers Brook School students on the important topic of conservation.

Year seven students at Archers Brook School heard from Charlie Day, Community Engagement Officer at the Zoo, who highlighted the important role the Zoo plays in conservation all over the world. The Zoo represents some of the planet’s most biodiverse and highly threatened ecosystems in Latin America, Africa, South East Asia, Madagascar and more.

Charlie then focused on Chester Zoo’s work here in the UK and explained the impact that roads, invasive species and new houses are having on the country’s different native species including birds, bees, toads and Scottish wild cats.

The students responded to Charlie’s presentation by revealing the School’s activities to help wildlife, including Beehives and bird boxes that have been created as part of their conservation efforts.

Pupils also had the opportunity to ask Charlie about her job, work experience at the Zoo and for more information on the conservation work it carries out.

“It was wonderful to hear about all of the actions that the children are taking to make their school grounds a better place for wildlife” said Charlie on the experience.

Dan Ward, Membership Executive at West Cheshire & North Wales Chamber of Commerce, added “We’re so thankful to Charlie for coming to speak to the pupils. It was a very informative presentation and the students found it amazing to hear about the zoo’s conservation efforts all over the world.”

Thank you to Chester Zoo for supporting this Young Chamber event.