Guide: How to Add Your Event

Would you like to add your event to our listings so it appears here and in our weekly events e-newsletter?

Simply follow the step-by-step guide below and your event will be included in our listings in no time!

1. Log in to the members area of the Chamber website

2. Click the ‘Events’ button in the left-hand menu to access the event listings page

3. Click the ‘Add Event’ button in the left-hand menu (see image below)

Events menu

4. You should now be on the ‘Add Event’ page; here you can input all the details about your upcoming event

5. Event Name Box: Input the name of your event here

6. Category: Select a suitable category for your event to be included within (please note you can select multiple categories by holding the ctrl button on your keyboard whilst selecting categories with your mouse)

7. Event Description: Here you can enter the the full details about your event and describe what people can expect from it. The editor uses familiar ‘Microsoft Office’ style tools to allow you to type in the details easily… don’t forget to include a web address for registration or contact details if people have any questions about the event. Please note, directly copying and pasting information from another website or source can cause issues with formatting and cause text to become distorted or incorrectly placed.


8. Welsh Translation: If information about your event is also available in Welsh, tick the corresponding check box to activate a new area for this text to be added

9. Event Image: If you have a specific image for your event, you can add it here by clicking the ‘select image’ button. Please note that in order to be rendered correctly on the listing, your image must be sized at 288 x 245 pixels (any bigger and it will appear cropped). You can resize images online at any of these websites


10. Event Start Date/Time: After clicking in the field use the pop-up calendar to select your event start date and time


11. Event End Date/Time: As above to select your end date and time

12. Event Host: Name of person or organisation hosting event

13. Event Address: Input the full address of the venue the event is set to take place at

14. Map Location: Enter the postcode of where your event is taking place then click the ‘Find Address’ button; the map will automatically find that postcode and subsequently you can move the red ‘pointer’ icon to the precise location you require


15. Once complete, double check the information you have inputted and click the ‘Add Event’ button to confirm

16. Details of your event will now be sent to the Chamber for final approval ahead of inclusion in our listings.

If you have any questions about adding an event, please contact Jenny Davidson by email or by calling 01244 669988.