New Project Will Tackle Social Isolation in the Local Community

Posted 15 April 2019 | 0 Comments

Lindop Toyota in Queensferry, have succeeded in securing funding from Toyota (GB), for Aura Leisure and Libraries, who manage Deeside Leisure Centre.

The dealership submitted an application to the Toyota Fund for a Better Tomorrow, which provides grants for Toyota Centres, for their involvement in community initiatives.

A grant of £1,800, will be used for a project which aims to tackle social isolation in the local community. Lindop Toyota will work with Aura Wales, on a cross-generation project, to bridge the gap between senior citizens and younger people.

Flintshire has many residents who are socially isolated and introducing them to the county’s younger generation, will improve their day to day lives and promote a feeling of inclusion within the community.

Lee Breeze, Centre Development Officer at Aura Leisure and Libraries said, “We are delighted to receive support from the Toyota Fund for a Better Tomorrow, with help from our local Toyota dealership. The grant will enable us to tackle social isolation, by bringing the older and younger generations together.”

Richard Williams, Group Business Centre Manager at Lindop Toyota said, “As a local based family business, Lindop Toyota is located next to the iconic blue bridge in Queensferry. Which gives the area a sense of spirit and we are very proud to help our wider community. This initiative improves everybody’s day to day lives and promotes the inclusion of all local residents.”