Use FREE Guest Wi-Fi To Market Your Venue! Find Out How!

Posted 08 August 2017 | 0 Comments

Offering free guest Wi-Fi can help with the marketing of your business like never before. You’ll get to understand who your customers are and entice them to visit  with personalised incentives, resulting in real benefits to your business and your customers. We can make your Wi-Fi work smarter, not harder for you. We can enable you to gather valuable data, drive email marketing campaigns, push notifications and we can even create splash pages.

After speaking to organisers at the Coffee Shop Innovation show – we know the hot topic of 2017 is Wi-Fi Analytics. Tech in the hospitality industry is developing like never before.  

You can make your Wi-Fi work smarter for you!

  • Gather real-time visitor demographics
  • Customised guest Wi-Fi data capture pages
  • Monitor your Wi-Fi with cloud technologies
  • Safe and secure login via social media.



Driving loyalty

We support a number of venues with uber hipster interior design and working spaces. Which means that the coffee shops/venues are slowly and unknowingly becoming co-working spaces. We have recently helped the business owner track the number of entrepreneurs casually working in the venue, and as a result, we have helped to entice them to work in the venue more. The longer they stay on great Wi-Fi the more coffee they’ll purchase. The platforms we use with various partners will save customers details allowing you, as the business owner, to make the experience a personalised one. So, whenever they pop in, you’ll not only develop a face to face relationship, but a Wi-Fi one as well. Holistically, they’ll feel like they are working from home or even better – their own office. Which means they won’t have to continually log on every time they visit. In essence, we believe that making people’s lives easier and more comfortable will drive loyalty like never before.

Harnessing the Power of Social Media 

Social media is slowly becoming more popular then spending real time with friends. And even when you’re with friends, you’ll want to tell the world about it. Some of our clients have already learnt so much about their customers which has helped them to improve their marketing by 50%. They have been able to see customer analytics like never before, such as, age gender and location. We have a number of clients with multiple venues and they can see which venue is busy on which days just by the Wi-Fi analytics. As we’re in Chester, events at the Racecourse really open up our eyes to how many people are uploading to instagram or sending snap chats to their friends. As part of a wider marketing campaign this can really drive traffic to your venue, just when the party atmosphere is starting.

Social Media Reviews – we know that your social reviews are just as good as word of mouth reviews – so by safely logging onto social media, your guests are already primed to give you a glowing review.

Customised Guest Wi-Fi

We work with partners such as Volare XP, and others depending upon your wants and needs. Together we’ll create data capture or splash pages like the one shown in the picture above. This means that your customers will feel secure knowing that they are logging onto your guest Wi-Fi and this will also mean that you can keep them up to date with everything that may be happening in your world, that they won’t want to miss. You’ll be able to gather stats and analytics about your guest’s behaviour like never before.