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One of the core missions for the West Cheshire & North Wales Chamber of Commerce is to provide a voice for our members and the local business community. It is our goal to ensure that the voice of business – whatever the size – is heard when decisions are made in local, regional and national government.

The Chamber regularly engages with its members, and the business community as a whole, to find out the issues that are affecting them. Strong connections with the local authorities in our region, and our affiliation with the British Chamber’s of Commerce, means that if there is an issue affecting your business the Chamber can act on your behalf and give your views to the people that make the decisions.

So if your business is, for example, hampered by red tape, slow broadband speeds or you have strong views on the economy, then please feel free to email the Chamber’s policy executive Matt Hodgson for more information on how the chamber can represent your business.

Our Current Activities

Vision 2021

The West Cheshire and North Wales Chamber of Commerce celebrates its centenary in 2021. With this incredible achievement in mind, the Chamber has created Vision 2021, a strategic vision that aims to, not only enhance the Chamber, but drive our economy forward.

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Business Brexit Priorities

Since the historic referendum result last June, Chambers of Commerce have been in deep consultation with local business communities across the United Kingdom – to ensure that, together, we are addressing the key business Brexit priorities for the UK government’s forthcoming negotiations.

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Quarterly Economic Survey

The Quarterly Economic Survey (QES) is the largest and most representative independent business survey of its kind in the UK for organisations and companies of all shapes and sizes. The QES is a powerful tool for representing the voice of business to Government and your input will help shape the lobbying efforts of the Chamber network.

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Campaign for Welsh Business 2015-2020

The Chambers of Commerce in Wales have set out what we believe are the key priorities to build a sustainable economy for Wales entitled the ‘Campaign for Welsh Business 2015-2020’.

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Mersey Dee Alliance Prospectus

The Mersey Dee Alliance (MDA) is a partnership that supports strategic economic activity spanning the North Wales/North West England border. Its geographical area of focus is North East Wales, West Cheshire and Wirral.

The Mersey Dee is an important strategic and dynamic region. It contributes significantly to the UK economy however there is significant economic growth potential across the region. A programme of transport infrastructure investment has been identified that will help to unlock this potential and contribute to the ambitions of the Northern Powerhouse – The Mersey Dee Alliance Prospectus (Welsh Edition).

Bridging The Gap Between Education & Business

Ensure secondary schools are assessed on employment outcomes to better prepare young people for work– focusing schools not just on ‘teaching to the test’, but also on developing the employability and life skills needed to get into, and get on in the workplace.

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North Wales Business Whitepaper

In November 2015, the North Wales Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with DTM Legal, carried out a study of 50 businesses in North Wales.

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