Business Brexit Priorities

Business Brexit PrioritiesSince the historic referendum result in June 2016, Chambers of Commerce have been in deep consultation with local business communities across the United Kingdom – to ensure that, together, we are addressing the key business Brexit priorities for the UK government’s forthcoming negotiations.

As part of this process, we have taken in-person feedback from over 400 businesses, in 16 Chamber business communities, on the potential challenges and opportunities posed by Brexit. Since the referendum vote, we have also received nearly 20,000 responses to Chamber surveys, giving us granular information on the needs and expectations of businesses of every size, sector, nation and region.

This document sets out the key priorities for Chamber member businesses in the forthcoming Brexit negotiations.

These priorities are resolutely practical – focused on ensuring that UK business communities can continue to trade, invest, flourish and grow. The seven key themes that are at the top of Chamber members’ agenda are;

  • Trade
  • Customs
  • Taxation
  • Regulation
  • Labour market
  • EU funding
  • Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland border

The BCC’s International Trade Survey, published in January 2017, showed that over a third of businesses plan on putting even more resources into the European market over the next five years. Another third said they have no plans to change their approach to selling into Europe, and only four percent said they plan to put fewer resources into selling to the region. So it is imperative that the government negotiates the best deal it can with the EU for UK businesses, mindful of the fact that Europe will remain a key market for UK firms for years to come.

These results are also an important reminder that it is businesses that trade, not governments. And it will be businesses’ ability to respond to forthcoming changes – identifying and seizing new opportunities – that will shape our future relationship with both the EU and the rest of the world.

The full business Brexit priorities can be viewed here;