Campaign for Welsh Business 2015-2020

The Chambers of Commerce in Wales have launched a new document entitled the Campaign for Welsh Business 2015-2020.

Written as a guide to both the current and next Welsh and UK governments, the ‘Campaign for Welsh Business 2015-2020’ represents the views of businesses from across Wales for the first time as the South and Mid Wales Chambers of Commerce join with West Cheshire & North Wales Chamber of Commerce to layout the measures they believe will foster economic growth, create jobs and a stronger, more vibrant economy for people across the whole of Wales.

The document calls for changes that will help make immediate improvements to the SME community, while also proposing initiatives that will have more of a long-term impact. The ‘Campaign for Welsh Business 2015 – 2020’ calls on the next UK and Welsh governments to:

  • Build the transport network for the future by creating a national transport body for Wales, independent of all levels of government, to decide on transport infrastructure priorities and co-ordinate transport planning across Wales
  • Develop communications for the modern world by working with business owners to maximise the take-up of the latest communications-based services and technologies
  • Improve the skills of the current and future workforce by putting in place a national workplace basic skills training programme that every adult can access and ensuring that secondary schools are assessed on employment outcomes to improve the way in which young people are prepared for the world of work
  • Encourage business ambition among Wales’ people by setting up a ‘National Entrepreneurial Challenge’ competition, open to groups of people of all ages, and work with financial and advice providers to ensure that those dealing with individuals starting a business are representative of the population at large
  • Help today’s businesses thrive by creating a National Bank of Wales with no shareholders, run with the sole aim of assisting Welsh businesses
  • Secure Wales’ energy needs to create a central fund for all community benefits funding deriving from renewable energy projects
  • Increase how much Wales exports to the rest of the world by creating a new arms-length International Business Organisation with more input from internationally active businesses
  • Get the governance of Wales right by getting rid of the outdated Barnett Formula and introducing a fair funding system across the UK and encouraging action from the city regions created in South Wales.

Click the following link to read the document Campaign for Welsh Business 2015-2020