Young Chamber

Young Chamber is a new initiative from the West Cheshire and North Wales Chamber of Commerce for schools and colleges. Its purpose is to help bridge the gap between businesses and the education sector, a vital element of our strategic vision – Vision 2021.

Young Chamber provides a range of different ways in which our Chamber can help schools and colleges tap into the knowledge, skills and experience that local businesses can provide students for them to succeed in the world of work.

Benefits to Schools

  • Helps schools and colleges meet Ofsted and Estyn (or relevant school inspectorate) requirements around provision of careers advice, preparation of pupils for employment and engagement with employers
  • Careers networking events
  • Strategic links with local businesses
  • Talks from local employers
  • Access to a pool of potential business governors
  • Work inspiration experiences – including visits to workplaces and ‘have a go’ workshops
  • Workshops on ‘work readiness’ where students can learn the soft skills they need at work
  • Subject specific projects set by our Young Chamber Sponsors who are experts in their sector
  • Access to local business intelligence
  • No cost to join as the programme is fully funded by the West Cheshire & North Wales Chamber of Commerce and our Young Chamber Sponsors

Benefits for Young Chamber Sponsors

  • Helps to meet Corporate Social Responsibility requirements
  • Provides connection to potential work placements and future employees
  • Raises awareness of their industry and the skills required to enter it
  • Engages staff in an enjoyable activity, boosting staff morale
  • Improves the company’s reputation and builds a strong connection with its local community
  • Provides market insights gained from working with pupils

Opportunity to meet with other Young Chamber Sponsors on a regular basis.

For further information about joining the programme or becoming a Young Chamber Sponsor, contact the team.