Young Chamber Sponsors judge presentations at Christleton High School

Posted 13 March 2019 | 0 Comments

As the final part of their Extended Project Qualification (EPQ), students at Christleton High School delivered 10-minute presentations to Young Chamber Sponsors on Thursday 7th March.

The EPQ sees students develop research projects over the course of the school year on areas of personal interest. This aims to provide the students with invaluable skills including; independence, time-management, researching, referencing, communication, responsibility, resilience and presentation skills.

Young Chamber Sponsors were invited to assess the students’ presentations and were encouraged to ask topical questions to help with the assessments. Sponsors had the opportunity to hear presentations on subjects such as; “What makes a good James Bond theme tune?”, “Why do we dream?”, “Social media and adolescents” and “Does time flow?”. The Sponsors judged each presentation on its content, its pace, the students’ organisation, the students’ voice and contact with the audience, if any visual aids were used and the handling of questions.

‘Going into my first young chamber event I wasn’t sure what to expect from the students at Christleton. I have to say I couldn’t have been more impressed by the work put in and quality of the presentations they made. At that age I’m not sure I would have been able to deliver as they did – big kudos to the teachers at Christleton who must be doing an excellent job. Every student gave it a really good go. From my side great to see an excellent presentation by an aspiring engineer who I’m sure will be an asset to a company in the not too distant future’,  said Rob Bemment, Director at Delve Recruitment Ltd.

Dan Ward, Membership Executive at the West Cheshire & North Wales Chamber of Commerce, also assessed the presentations and added “The quality of the students that I have seen this evening has been outstanding. You can really tell that each student was very knowledgeable and passionate about their chosen topic and this was communicated across to the audience very well. Thank you to each Sponsor that attended the event, and well done to the students!”.

With thanks to the following Sponsors for their involvement with the event:

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